It is US

And I know it is us
When the dark came upon us
We both still there
Not necessarily to give each other’s flames
Only its existent
Then we feel safe
That, it is us

And i know it is us
When the storm rocking between us
We both still holding on
Not necessarily to strengthen each other’s power
Only its existent
Then we feel whole
That, it is us



The way

It is the way you stand and move defines your journey 


​And the mountain echoed your name
By the sun and the sea
If this goes to somewhere
Let the waves brought to the shores

And the winds blow your shadow
Of the sunrise and the sunset
When the summer came
I knew by the night paradise would be ours

Sound of nature

I love the sounds of nature
When the lorikeets being noisey
Or the forest birds having their calls
And the whistle winds through the trees

I love the sounds of nature
When the waves pounding onto the corals
Or the ripple kissing its shorelines
And the wind blows to the coconut palms

And i love the sound of your nature
Through the whistles of romance
Into cuddling of eternity
There the universe I belong

Such kind of a girl

​Then I felt how my hand tremble
To be by your side but too much distance do we had
How I tried to stand straight, put my chin up, with those wide smiles
To you and your loves one

So then, I couldn’t stay longer there
I took my distance
In order to keep my balance
Still I felt the trembling within my heart

But I need to composed my balance
To finally able to stay back by you and yours
It took quite sometime
I stayed there, looking into your direction

When I put my smiles and take out my hand to her
And said, hello, it is nice to finally meet you
Yes, I’m such kind of girl
And yes, that’s the way I took