Sun Rays

And I can’t just ignore the beauty of sun rays upon us
The warms pouring down into the souls



Why are you waiting
For a star to shines over you
When you are the star itself
It is the clouds been covering your rays

Why do you hold onto the belief
Of the sun is the only star
While you maybe are the centauri or sirius
As you’ve got in your own galaxy

Have you ever consider
That you are the centauri or sirius
In your own galaxy
How would you become?

Soul by the darkness

My soul have been waiting
By distance in the corner
It was the darkess soul
Which blended with the darkness itself

Barely noticable
Barely touchable

My darkness soul have been waiting
For a soul which able to reach out her dark soul
Comfortable to sit along by the corner
And longlast conversing through souls

Barely friable
Barely separable

Meet me in the other side

Meet me in the other side
Where we swing by the venus to mars
When the sound of wind breezing
During the dust mist flee

Meet me in the other side
By the autumn leaves in shades of yellow to purple
And while they dancing by the flow
There birds sang in harmony

Meet me in the other side
At the sun sneaking over the horizon
And the mist as the blanket
There the dew shines

Meet me in the other side
I’m there

Realization hit her

“What was went wrong?”
“What did i did it wrong?”
“At what point i made the mistake?”

Those keep roaring into her mind
As she fading into the enigma of its reverie
As she entrapped by the illusion
As she took on her account

She didn’t understand
That it was not about her
It was not on her account
It was not about a mistake

She was never consider
That it was his inability
Inability holding her worthy
Inability bestowing his vulnerability

It is the word she need to bear of
It is the word she need to understand

So, it is not about a mistake
It is not about her